On Thursday of last week my wife was backing out of her driveway when in her rear view mirror she saw a cat in the street, dragging its hind legs and meowing for help.
The poor kitty had been hit by a passing car. She didn’t know when that happened. She called me on the phone, frantically, asking what to do. I was at work.

I told her to take the cat to our vet. She did that. Unfortunately, the cat had been crushed by the car tires and was too far gone and in too much pain, so the vet put the cat to sleep.

This upset my wife, and me, greatly. Too often I read about cats getting hit and killed by carelees drivers who are most likely not paying attention to their driving. I know there are exceptions, but that seems to be the overall situation.

I pray more folks will pay attention on the road. Not just for these precious stray cats (and some who have owners who let them outside), but for everyone else walking around our streets.

Thanks for reading and please drive safely!

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