On May 17, 2017, we create the We Love Cats Forever Facebook page. We have been slowing growing its reach since then and we’re proud to say we have almost 5,000 followers!

UPDATE: We now have close to 7500 followers! 

We also created this website, but we got busy and neglected it for a while. That was a shame!

However, now we’re finally taking some time to re-design this site and maintain it with new posts, funny cat images and videos, and all sorts of new quality cat content!

The main reason this post is being written is to introduce you to our new We Love Cats Forever Store!

As of this post’s publish date, we have a variety of cat graphic T-shirts and some coffee cups. We plan to have lots more great quality cat merchandise available, soon. Here is on of the promotional videos that was recently created for the store.

If you’d like to learn even more about our store we have started a new Store “Meowsletter” where you can sign up to get updated on the store (and the Facebook page) and never miss the special deals we will be running from time to time. We promise we will never spam you or sell your info to anyone! See the simple sign up form on the right column of this website.


We Love Cats Forever
We Love Cats Forever

This website is about everything cats and for cat lovers to share their love of cats with the world!