Well, it has been alittle while since I have written a post. The new year has brought its share of ups and downs, already. However, thank God our wonderful cats have been and continue to be with us! I have decided to share them and their “gotchya” stories with you in my first new post of 2022!

First we have our four year YOUNG girl, Mitzy! When my wife and I decided to get a companion for our (at the time) only cat Lola, she paid a visit to a shelter near us. She went into the area with all the cats and kittens. As she passed by the cage where Mitzy was, our sweet girl reached out through the cage to get my wife’s attention. She was saying, “I am your new cat, take me home now!” Immediately, my wife knew Mitzy had a great personality and she’d be a puurfect addition to our family! We went back to get her the next day!

Second, we have our thirteen year YOUNG boy, Shiloh. We found him and his younger brother, Carver, at a local no-kill shelter. Three years ago, I saw his photo in the Shelter’s Adoptable Cats web page. At the time, he was 10 years old. God had already put it on my heart to look for a senior cat. Actually, I found a senior 10 year old girl cat before I found him, at the same shelter. I was all set to meet her but I got a call from the shelter that she had been adopted a day before that appointment. So I asked them about Shiloh and he was still not adopted. So my wife and I went to see him. When we areived we met him and fell in love with him. To our dismay, he was now pending adoption by the time we visited him. So the shelter invited us to meet Carver, a five year old grey mackerel tabby. We met him and fell in love with hime, too. We decided to adopt him. On the day we were going to bring Carver home, Shiloh had been opened to adoption again! So guess what we did? We adopted them BOTH!! We are so happy we did! I will tell you more about Carver in part two of this post.

Shiloh and Carver, shortly after we adopted them.

Third, we have 13 years YOUNG girl, Lola. She is the matriarh of the cat family! She sure acts like one too! LOL! She came to live with us in 2015 when my wife’s mom lost her husband, Jerry (Lola’s original dad) and she had to come live with us. My mother in law first wanted to adopt out Lola, but we felt that would be way too traumatic for an older cat (she was 7 at the time) to bear, so Leah and I adopted Lola! Before her I was not the biggest cat fan. But Lola grew on me and helped me fall in love with her (and all cats). She is getting on in years but we do all we can to keep her healthy with the right kind of food, treats, clean potty, yearly checkups at the vet, etc. We do the same with all our cats!

Lola and Mitzy, shortly after we adopted Mitzy.

Fourth, we have 5 years Young Salem. Our black house panther! He came to us with his brother Flokie, when a lady who was having financial and emotional problems and was forced to put them up for adoption. She placed an online ad to try to adopt out Salem and Flokie. I answered her ad and eventually she gave the boys to Leah and me. I am so happy I saw her ad over two years ago! Salem and Flokie are such a blessing to us! More about Flokie in part two of this post.

Salem and Flokie

That’s it for Part one! Next week come back for part two, where I will feature our four other cats, Flokie, Carver, Goldie and Milo!

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