Welcome to Part 2 and my continuing stories of how Leah and I came to adopt our wonderful cats and their “gotchya” stories. I part one, I told you about Mitzy, Shiloh, Lola and Salem.

Fifth cat to tell you about is Flokie. He and his brother, Salem, came to us because of a lady who previously cared for them could no longer do so. Something told me to reply to her ad in the Neighbohood app. She wanted to give them away and I replied to her that that was unwise as there are predators who look for free cats to do horrible things to them. It took about a month to win her over and finally come get Flokie and Salem. It was not a moment too soon becuase she was not properly caring for them. They were over weight and their fur was covered in the smell of cigerette smoke. I fear that if she had not gievn them to us they may have succumed to a slow, agonizing death. I don’t believe that was her intention. She was just in a poor condition, both financially and emotionally and didn’t realize the poor food she was giving them along with the daily cigerette smoke would have been deadly for them. We are so happy they are with us now!

Flokie and Salem on the “Cat Bleacher” I built for them.

The sixth cat in our continuing gotchya stories is none other than (the cat-tastic) Carver! He came to us with his brother Shiloh, from a no-kill shelter in Dayton OH. He was presented to us when Shiloh (the reason we went to the shelter) was pending adoption. As good fortune would have it. The day we went back to get Carver, Shiloh was available to adopt again. So we adopted both of them that day. Not long after we took them home, Carver became ill, so we took him to the vet. She said that he (and Shiloh) had gotten the dreaded Herpes virus from the shelter. After Carver got better, Shiloh got sick. After they both got over the intitial first bout of Herpes, they have been doing fine, thank God! As you will see, below, Carver loves to fall asleep in his “security dish”!

Carver and Shiloh in the Sunlight.

Carver and Shiloh, shortly after we adopted them.

Carver and Shiloh enjoying the sunlight.

Seventh, we have our Indoor / Outdoor boy, Milo. We didn’t plan on him or find him in a sheleter. He was a stray (abandoned by our former neighbors). We met him when they were still living next door. He visited us many times and became comfortable with being around us. Then, our neighbors moved a few blocks away, but Milo stuck around our street. That caused a bit of friction between us and our former neighbors, who accused us of stealing him away and expected Milo to stay on their new street. Yet they had no garage for him to stay in during the cold winter months, like they had in the house next door to us. Long story short, he evetually became our resposibility. They didn’t seem to want him anymore. I tried to help them but they wanted none of it! We could not abandon him! We are so glad he stayed here with us. It was his decision, too!

Finally, for our eighth kitty (last here but never least), we have Goldie! She’s our althletic girl. I say that because she jumps so high and balances like an Olympic athelete! We adopted her at the tender age of one year old to be a companion to our Mitzy. We made the best choice with precious Goldie! She and Mitzy are best buds!

Goldie and Mitzy. Best Buds!

Goldie, Shiloh and Milo

Goldie and Shiloh

Goldie and Mitzy enjoying their boxes.

That’s it for Part two! We hoped you enjoyed our two part post series of our cats and their gotchya stories!

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