Well, as I write this I am writing this post (12-04-21), I am watching Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer on YouTube. I love that old animated special. Also, I am watching it to try to distract myself from worrying about our indoor/ outdoor kitty, Milo, who has not come home since before lunchtime, today. He almost never missed dinner. I took him to the vet today for his annual shots and also asked the vet to put his flea treatment on him, since it was due and I had it with me. My fear is that I may have overwhelmed him with the shots and the treatment. He showed up around 10 am this morning and looked fine. But I have not seen him since. He has done this before but mostly in the warm summer months. I am praying for the safe return of our precious Milo.

UPDATE 12-05-21! Milo has returned home this morning! We are so HAPPY!

So with the Christmas/Catmas season, comes some funny stories and images about cats and Christmas trees! This kitty, here, is expressing exactly what I am sure many cats would say, if they could talk. We know that most cats love to climb trees and thye are not going to keep away from your Christmas tree because it’s off limits, according to you! Unless you do something to make it pretty much impossible for them to get to the tree, as you can see in some of the following images. Here are some funny Cats and Holiday Stories (opens in new tab): Funny Holiday Cat Stories And more: 50 Cats Helping Decorate Christmas Trees

It’s also a bit of a serious subject as we must be aware that cats and stringed lights do not go well together at all. Why you may ask? Because cats, during their play and climbing-the-tree time excitement, can wind up getting tangled in the light strings and get strangled or even get a body part resticted which would cut off thier blood circulation or even stop thier breathing. Either that, or they can get electrocuted/ burned chewing on the wires or light bulbs, themslves. See this important article on the dangers of cats and Christmas lights: (opens in a new tab): Holiday Dangers and Your Fur Baby’s Safety

With the Chritmas season upon us, we one again to get to create new and happy memories with family, friends and our precious felines! If we make sure to be mindful of our cats during all the hustle and bustle of the Season, we can be sure our furry friends (and we) make it through the Holidays incident free! Maybe even the Christmas tree will survive your cats!

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