Now I want to start by mentioning that ALL cats are special.

However, I am focused on black cats at this time because of the Season we are approaching.

Fall (a.k.a. Autumn) is a wonderful season. Yet, it can be especially dangerous to stray black cats and pet black cats (who live outside a good part of thier lives). The reason is that Fall Season brings the holiday Halloween, which for many years, has been associated with black cats being bad luck.

When I was younger, I was told they were bad luck. If a black crosses your path you have bad luck. Who in the world thought that one up?
Here is an article that gives one explantion of how it all started. Read it here, at your leasure.

Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?

So getting back to the reason why I am writing this. Since another Halloween is fast approaching, I want to do what I can to help people like yourself become more aware that the best thing you can do your your black cat (and any cat) is keep him or her inside during this next couple of months. Also, if you can help strays to find shelter, this season, it would beneft them, also.

Unfortunately, there are some sick individuals and groups that mean to do harm to black cats during this time of the year, more than any other time. They use the Halloween season and holiday as an excuse to justify it.

Sorry to sound gloomy but my previous statement is based on information I have gathered over time. I must warn you that the following link, a series of short articles about black cats (and other cats) and Halloween, is not for the faint of heart. Yet, I feel I must add the link here to show you how serious this problem is for our black cats (and any cats, for that matter), during the Halloween season. Here is the link.

Halloween Can Spell Gruesome Danger for ‘Outdoor Cats’

Please pass this blog post on to others, so we can all do our part to get the word out this coming Fall/Halloween season.

Salem and I thank you!

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