War is Hell! Very few people in this world will disagree that statement. Probably, only the ones who profit from it will disagree. I feel sorry for them and the fate that waits them. As I continue to read stories and see the many images of the horrific war happening in Ukraine, I cannot help but notice all the people fleeing that country with thir pets (cats, dogs, and others) with them. I also read about the Ukrainians who have refused to leave because they didn’ want to leave thie precious animals behind. Bless their hearts!

Among the many stories I have come across I find many heartwaming ones with compnasionate animals lovers refusing to abandon thier animals. Like the Cat Cafe owner who will not leave his cafe and its 20 residents behind. See the story, here: Ukrainian Cat Cafe Stays Open To Care For Its 20 Residents Even During The War

In Facebook, I have come across many posts like this one. People fleeing Ukraine with their animals with them. Here is just one example.

And another one.

I will just let these images speak for themselves…

I you find it in your heart to help…

See the TeddyKittens video about how this family and their kittens excaped Kharkov… Due to the fact that Russian troops surrounded the borders of Ukraine, on February 14 we decided to leave our hometown of Kharkov. My parents and I packed our bags in two days and left Kharkiv on February 15, having traveled more than 620 miles to the western part of Ukraine along with all our animals – cats, kittens, dogs and a rabbit. On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war in Ukraine…

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